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Language instruction

Children whose mother tongue is not Danish are provided with instruction in Danish as a second language or in their native language.

Teaching Danish as a second language

  • If your child is starting school and cannot speak, read, write, and understand Danish, the child will receive basic education at one of our schools.

    If your child is 14 years old or older, they will start in a reception class at Trørød School.

    You will be called in for an assessment interview as soon as you have residency in Rudersdal Municipality. Your child will be enrolled in the school district you live in, which has space in the basic education class.

    Basic Education The school's Danish as a second language advisor is responsible for the basic education.

    The child alternates between participating in their regular class for subjects where they can benefit from the instruction, and receiving basic education in small groups of up to seven students.

    The child's need for language support will be continuously evaluated by the advisor. The child can receive basic education for up to two years or until they are deemed to have sufficient Danish language skills to fully participate in regular classroom instruction.

  • Your child may still need support in Danish as a second language after two years of basic education.

    The supplementary support in Danish as a second language takes place within regular education and is organized as shorter academic modules integrated into subjects.

    The advisor in Danish as a second language and the subject teacher collaborate in planning, teaching, and evaluating these modules. There will be an emphasis on incorporating language as a dimension within the subjects to enhance the child's participation in regular education.

    The child will receive supplementary support for as long as it is deemed necessary.

  • Once you have relocated to Rudersdal Municipality and have a child of compulsory school age, you will be invited to attend an enrollment interview.

    During this interview, your child will be formally registered at the district school corresponding to your residence. The school chosen will have available space within the foundational class for Danish as a second language.

  • The foundational education is conducted at four schools:

    • Birkerød Skole
    • Søholmskolen
    • Trørødskolen
    • Ravnholm Skole

    If your child is 14 years old or older, they will be provided education within the reception class at Trørødskolen.

Mother tongue language

  • Mother tongue instruction is for children of foreigners who are offered instruction in their parents' home country language.

    Mother tongue instruction is offered to children whose father or mother holds citizenship in one of the following countries:

    • A member state of the European Union
    • A country covered by the Agreement on the European Economic Area
    • The Faroe Islands and Greenland
  • Enroll your child for mother tongue lessons here

    Before filling out the form, you should read about mother tongue instruction below.

    The application deadline for enrollment in mother tongue instruction in Rudersdal Municipality is March 1st. The formation of classes is based on the number of applications received by the application deadline. There must be at least 12 registered children or youths for a class to be created.

    The application deadline for enrollment in instruction outside Rudersdal Municipality is April 1st.

    You will be notified in June whether your child has been accepted into a class created in this municipality or if your application has been forwarded to another municipality where classes have been formed for the respective language.

  • If mother tongue instruction takes place in Rudersdal Municipality, you cannot have transportation expenses refunded.

    If you reside in Rudersdal Municipality and mother tongue instruction takes place in another municipality, you may be eligible for transportation expense reimbursement.

    • The calculation of transportation expenses is done in September of the following year.
    • The calculation is based on the student's attendance.
    • Reimbursement is provided for the cheapest public transportation option.

    NOTE: Before completing and submitting the Application for Transportation Allowance (link below), please print the Erklæring om fremmøde (Statement of Attendance), which must be filled out by your child's teacher in their native language and attached to the application.

    Erklæring om fremmøde

    Application for transportation allowance for mother tongue instruction

  • If your child is enrolled in a class in Rudersdal Municipality, the instruction takes place either on weekends in the morning from 09:00 to 12:00 or on weekdays in the afternoon from 15:30 to 18:30.

    If the instruction takes place outside the municipality, it may occur at different times.