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Business profile

Rudersdal is a vibrant, modern place to live, work and do business. Combining green spaces, business and industrial parks and much more, Rudersdal offers an inspiring environment for business life.

Forests, lakes and healthy fresh air. Highly educated work force, companies specialized in eg. deep tech, innovation and consultancy. Close to road and rail links to Copenhagen, its ports and harbours and one of the world’s best airports for business travellers. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Welcome to Rudersdal – a great place to do business in Denmark.

Rudersdal is special

  • Rudersdal has a varied mix of businesses and industries characterized by ambitious, internationally focused companies in the high-technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Many of them are market leaders in their fields or on the way up by focusing on new technologies, innovative organizational platforms and collaborative approaches.

    We have a concentration of companies in five clusters that are especially attractive to companies planning to establish themselves in Denmark:

    • Electronics (primarily in manufacturing)
    • Food ingredients
    • Life sciences, such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing and environmental and biomedical devices
    • Deep tech / high tech
    • Entrepreneurship.

    Rudersdal is also home to many smaller companies in the building and allied trades and the retail and service sectors.

    Companies in Rudersdal have a high level of productivity and a high percentage of employees with a university education.

    We have more internationally owned and export-oriented companies than the average municipality in Denmark.

  • Companies in Rudersdal are especially strong in the knowledge-intensive business sector, which is underpinned by a strong, international research environment nearby.

    DTU Science Park in Hørsholm

    Rudersdal is home to the DTU Science Park.

    Located in Hørsholm with easy access to road and rail links, DTU Science Park is Denmark’s leading community for deep tech companies.

    DTU Science Park is a leading growth and development environment, where Danish deep tech companies complement each other through ongoing interaction – a community where startups, scaleups and established companies exchange knowledge and experience across disciplines and fields.

    In DTU Science Park, the distance is short, both physically and mentally. It is a community where knowledge flows freely and creates a space for shaping, developing and translating ideas, research and technologies into real businesses.

    DTU Science Park - website in English


    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is just down the road in neighbouring Lyngby.

    Technical University of Denmark (DTU) - website in English

    Rudersdal is also less than 30 minutes from the University of Copenhagen, a world-class research environment, and many other research and educational institutions in Greater Copenhagen.

    University of Copenhagen - website in English

  • Rudersdal has a high proportion of entrepreneurs, especially in the technology and life science sectors. This benefits many highly educated residents living in Rudersdal and the international research community in the area.

    Rudersdal employs a dedicated entrepreneurship adviser and offers workshops for entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Programme HIP of the Capital Region of Denmark.

    The Entrepreneurship Programme HIP of the Capital Region of Denmark (currently only in Danish)

  • Many people who live in Rudersdal are self-employed, senior managers or salaried staff at the highest level.

    Knowledge is our key strength. Almost half our residents have a university degree, including at PhD and master levels. This is well above the national average and higher than the average for the Capital Region.

    More than half the employees in private companies in Rudersdal have a university degree, including at PhD and master levels.

    Thanks to excellent transport infrastructure, commuting to and from Rudersdal is easy. About the same number of people commute into and out of Rudersdal.

  • Rudersdal is in Greater Copenhagen, an interregional hub for collaboration between the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand in Denmark and Skåne, Halland and the City of Malmö in southern Sweden.