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Explore educational options in Denmark, including international schools in the Rudersdal area and its vicinity.

Information regarding schools in Denmark

  • In Denmark, children undergo ten years of compulsory education, starting in August of the year they turn six. This includes a one-year preschool phase, followed by nine years of primary and lower secondary education, with the option of an additional tenth year.

    The majority of Danish children attend public municipal primary and lower secondary schools, which are tuition-free. However, there are also a significant number of private and independent schools where parents need to cover the tuition costs.

    Many families who move to Denmark for professional reasons often choose private international schools, primarily located in or around major urban centers. These institutions often have waiting lists.

    After completing primary and lower secondary education, children can choose from various free, publicly available secondary education programs designed to prepare them for higher education opportunities.

    For a comprehensive overview of international primary schools in Denmark, you can refer to the website of the Ministry of Children, Education, and Gender Equality.

  • Birkerød Gymnasium

    Birkerød Gymnasium is an upper-secondary school with an enrollment of approximately 1100 students. Students at the school pursue either of the two national programs or one of the international programs available. These include the one-year pre-International Baccalaureate and the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

    The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a globally recognized educational curriculum overseen by the International Baccalaureate organization in The Hague. Schools offering this program can be found worldwide. Geared towards upper-secondary education, this program focuses on preparing students for university studies and centers on academic pursuits.

    In contrast, the pre-International Baccalaureate is a one-year educational track regulated by Denmark's Ministry of Education. It is designed for students who do not meet the qualifications required for direct entry into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

    Birkerød Gymnasium

    NGG International School

    NGG International School, located in the neighboring area of Hørsholm, is a private day school designed for children aged 4 to 16.

    In the primary school section, the institution follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), while secondary students benefit from the Cambridge Assessment and International Education programs.

    NGG International School offers admission to students from international families who are temporarily residing in Denmark. Additionally, a limited number of spots are available for international families who have permanently settled in Denmark, as well as Danish families returning to the country after living abroad.

    Instruction is primarily conducted in English, complemented by lessons in the native language of the host country, Danish. It's worth noting that NGG International School operates as the international branch of NGG (Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium), which is Denmark's largest private educational institution.

    NGG International School

    International schools in Greater Copenhagen

    Greater Copenhagen is home to a variety of international schools, offering a wide range of educational choices for students.

    For a comprehensive listing of all international schools, please consult the website of the Danish Ministry of Education:

    International basic schools in Denmark (Ministry of Education)

    International upper secondary schools in Denmark​ (Ministry of Education)

  • Young in Rudersdal (Ung i Rudersdal)

    Rudersdal offers an extensive range of activities for children and young adults through "Ung i Rudersdal," creating an environment where adolescents can interact and connect with peers their age.

    Youth-Focused Environment

    Rudersdal features four youth centers located in Nærum, Vedbæk, Holte, and Birkerød, catering to individuals aged 12 to 25.

    These youth centers provide a platform for collaborative projects, completing homework, participating in outings and events, relaxation, or simply socializing with friends. Utilizing these centers is cost-free.

    Recreational Courses

    "Ung i Rudersdal" offers a diverse array of over 100 courses covering areas like languages, arts, sports, and technical education. These courses are open to all young residents of Rudersdal.

    Holiday Activities

    "Ung i Rudersdal" also organizes holiday activities in partnership with numerous local associations. It's important to note that registration for these activities is a requirement.

Elementary school enrollment

  • In Rudersdal Municipality, there are eight schools spread across six school districts:

    Holte Skole

    Ravnholm Skole



    Vedbæk Skole

    Birkerød Skole, Rude Skov Skole, and Søholmsskolen

    Your child's school district is determined by their residential address, indicating the specific district school they are assigned to. This school is where your child will be enrolled.

    Although your child has the right to attend the designated district school, you do have the option to select a different school if there are available openings.

    Please provide your address below to determine your child's corresponding district school.

  • If you are moving to Rudersdal Municipality and plan to enroll your child in a primary school within the municipality, you should initiate contact with the particular school where you intend to enroll your child.

    This applies whether you're interested in enrolling your child in the district school (the local elementary school) or if you're considering enrollment at a different elementary school.

    Keep in mind that enrolling your child in a primary school other than the district school depends on the availability of space at that specific school.

    To find your district school, refer to the information provided above (Which school will my child be allocated to?).

  • If you need help with the school enrollment process, you can get in touch with the school where you plan to enroll your child.

    Additionally, you can also contact the administration via a secure email:

    Contact the administration

Transport to and from school

  • The distance criteria differ based on the child's grade level. Reimbursement for bus or train transportation is available if the distance between the child's home and school exceeds:

    • Grades 0 to 3: 2.5 kilometers
    • Grades 4 to 6: 6 kilometers
    • Grades 7 to 9: 7 kilometers
    • Grade 10: 9 kilometers

    Please be aware that Rudersdal Municipality doesn't offer transportation coverage for students attending a school outside their designated district school.

  • Public Transportation

    Apply for a bus/train pass

    The bus/train pass is valid for one school year and must be reapplied for each year. If the schooling period concludes within the year, it is necessary to promptly notify the municipality and return the bus/train pass. Failure to return the issued bus/train pass will result in an invoice for the entire school year.

    For those who have an existing school bus/train pass, it will be automatically renewed. If you are obtaining a bus/train pass for the first time, it can be collected from the school office approximately 14 working days after submitting the application.

    Regarding the school bus to Rude Skov Skole (Departments: Høsterkøb and Sjælsø): If your child attends this school, the application for a bus pass must be submitted using the provided form:

    Apply for a school bus pass for Rude Skov Skole

  • The application deadline is June 1st. It typically takes approximately 14 working days to process your application.

    While it is possible to apply for a bus/train pass after the deadline, we cannot guarantee its arrival before the start of the school year.

    Please note that there is an extended processing period in July and August.

  • If your child attends Rude Skov Skole, you need to apply for a bus/train pass using the provided form here:

    Apply for a school bus pass for Rude Skov Skole

    Dedicated school buses are available for Rude Skov Skole's departments Høsterkøb and Sjælsø.

    Please consult the timetables provided below.

    07.14 Sandbjergvej/Østerskov Krat

    07.20 Sandbjergvej/Gøngevangen

    07.24 Ubberød

    07.28 Brådebæk Tanken

    07.30 Brådebæk/Ubberød Rundkørsel

    07.33 Rude Skov Skole afd. Høsterkøb 

    07.40 Vandværket i Isterød

    07.45 Ravnsnæsset

    07.49 Rude Skov Skole afd. Sjælsø

    07.55 Rude Skov Skole afd. Høsterkøb Skole

    14.10/15.10 Rude Skov Skole afd. Sjælsø

    14.15/15.15 Rude Skov Skole afd. Høsterkøb

    14.20/15.20 Gøngehusvej

    14.25/15.25 Østerskov Krat

    14.30/15.30 Sandbjergvej

    14.35/15.35 Ubberød

    14.40/15.40 Brådebæk

    14.45/15.45 Vandværket

    14.50/15.50 Ravnsnæsset