Hop til hovedindhold

Voluntary initiatives to help refugees

Rudersdal has several local voluntary organizations and groups that help refugees. Some are formally organized with articles of association, boards of directors etc., but others are more informal and only have a Facebook page.

You can participate in such organizations as: Birkerød Refugee Contact, Danish Red Cross, the parochial councils of the Church of Denmark, Kontaktgruppen for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Danskere i Rudersdal Kommune (contact group for refugees, immigrants and Danes in the Municipality of Rudersdal), Venligboerne (friendly neighbours) and Bistrupvennerne (Bistrup friends).

How you can help as a volunteer

  • Contact Frivilligcenter Rudersdal, which can guide you to the organization or initiative you might want to join:

    Frivilligcenter Rudersdal (Rudersdal Volunteer Centre)

    Project coordinator Astrid Sandmark

    Skovgærdet 4

    DK-2840 Holte

    Tel.: +45 4589 0056

    E-mail: kontakt@frivilligcenteret.dk

    Website: www.frivilligcentret.dk

  • Important activities include: social contact, such as regular weekly social events at the temporary accommodation; help with letters; familiarization tours in the local area; Danish language training; and acquiring second-hand items (clothes, furniture, bicycles etc.).

  • You can be involved for a few hours every now and then. You can also contribute more regularly, depending on your preferences and capability.

    Refugees learn about Danish culture and society by being together with Danes.

  • If you know of an employer that has a job or an internship suitable for a refugee, please contact Rudersdal Rekruttering at rur@rudersdal.dk or call +45 46 11 31 30.